By – Ali Hazelwood

fiction, romance, humor (fiction)

Audiobook 11 hours (approx)

Narrator Callie Dalton

Expectation – First of all what does a TikTok Sensation have to do with books?  That’s what the blurb says right after New York Times Bestseller.  Science and romance are some of my favorite books.  Not familiar with this author but hopeful this will be a good listen. 

I really liked this book and will put it in my reread rotation.  It hits all the right spots.  Has the perfect blend of humor, romance and nerdy stuff.  At the end the author explains that she herself is in academia and it shows.  She must also have a good handle on romances. 

Maybe this TikTok Sensation thing is something I need to look into.  I will also keep my eye out for more books by Ali Hazelwood.  Hopefully there will be more good stuff from her.