By Elena Armas

fiction, romance, humor (fiction)

Audiobook 15 hours (approx.)

Narrator Scarlette Hayes

Expectations – Again it says a TikTok sensation on the blurb.  The last one was very good. Hopefully this will be the same.  Not familiar with the author but the description sounded interesting.

Too long.  The male lead is pursuing the female lead and was all in.  This was refreshing in a way but sets up unrealistic expectations.  It also takes away some angst.  I think the female lead should have shown a little more interest in the beginning to make a better story. 

What should have been the biggest challenge in the relationship was minimally dealt with, instead there was a new complication to deal with.  With the book being so long and predicable I was able to get more chores done while listening. 

It’s just okay.