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Thank You for Listening

By Julia Whelan

Fiction, romance, literature, humor (fiction)

Audiobook 11 hours (approx.)

Narrator Julia Whelan/

This book caught my attention, I love audiobooks.  However, by looking at the book description I could tell it wasn’t going to be strictly light hearted.  Because of this I almost let the library loan expire before listening. 

It was great getting a look into the book narration process.  I especially love that the male narrator has a fan base.  Cause… yeah… some male voices are just yummy.  This book excelled with the relationship with grandma and her cognitive decline.  There are many superb parts in this book but the ending didn’t really wrap up nicely. 

In the book they talk about women’s fiction and romance.  They talk about how with romance there is an expectation of a happily ever after.  This book is a romance and I expect a happily ever after.  While we technically get a happily ever there are a lot of other things going on.  I want more warm and fuzzy with my endings. 

I personally think the book should have ended a couple of hours earlier and didn’t try to tackle so much.  Alternatively, the book could spend more time on melding the two romance threads more cohesively.

I enjoyed the bulk of the book and wanted to give 5 stars. However, because of the things already mentioned I’m going with 4 stars.

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