By – Ann Charles

Fiction, fantasy, mystery

Audiobook 12 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Caroline Shaffer/

I was disappointed in this book.  The book follows a single mother and the new men in her life.  Her life is interesting and the kids are cute but the story drags.  There are missing children but the most recent one was a year ago. 

The leading female is interested in the missing children and concerned for her own children.  However, I wouldn’t say she is investigating.  She only has one person she suspects and it seems highly unlikely that he is the true culprit.  I really disliked the reveal of the mystery and how little the emotional consequences were dealt with.    

There is something odd about one of her customers that makes you believe there may be some supernatural element involved in the book.  I’m disappointed in what the answers for this behavior are.  The odd behavior and the reason for it don’t lead to the resolution of the mystery. 

Another thing, I don’t love the romance.  It’s not really a romance book but there is one thrown into the end.  It’s clunky and disloyal to her friend.