Eileen Wilks

Fiction, romance, fantasy, suspense

Tempting Danger (book 1)


I’ve seen this series recommended for urban fantasy before.  My problem is that the library does not have an audiobook version.  So, it’s taken me longer to give it a go. 

I can definitely see why this series gets recommended.  Book 1 and 2 follow the same couple.  The leading female is Chinese and her sister is getting married.  I wouldn’t have minded more wedding/culture details but I forgive.  The action keeps moving.  The leading couple is brought together by magical chosen mate type of means. 

This book does a good job of balancing the attraction with the fact that their choices were taken away from them.  The bond is further complicated by the couple not being able to be far apart without severe consequences. 

Mortal Danger (book 2)


Book 2 starts out tying up some loose ends from book 1.  However, this objective is resolved pretty quickly and we move into a completely different problem.  It was a bit jarring and confusing.  It’s now more of an epic adventure in a new land.  It was interesting and there were dragons.  The love story was sweet.  I’m ready to see more of this couple. 

The next book’s summary reads like it’s a different couple so I haven’t started it yet.