By Jackie May

Fiction, romance, literature, fantasy

Narrator – Hollie Jackson

Don’t Rush Me (book 1)

Audiobook 7 hours (approx.)

Book 1 was quick paced and exciting.  Book 2 was a big disappointment.  I was willing to overlook a lot in book 1 because the action kept moving and I’m learning a new world.  Even so, the interactions with the vampires and their lack of character development really stands out as illogical.  Also the way total strangers just let the main character take the lead with no questions/qualifications… weird.

Don’t Cheat Me (book 2)

Audiobook – 8 hours (approx.)

I hoped book 2 would bring some background and character development.  That didn’t happen.  There was a mystery to figure out… kind of.  It’s not much of a mystery.  She gets a few impressions from objects/places.  Presto!  We have answers.  There is some danger by being the messenger/everyone adoring her.  Yup, everyone adores her.  She talks, everyone laughs.  She isn’t funny. 

Most of the book is the lead female collecting and managing boys that adore her.  It’s her “curse”. Not only is she cursed with adoration, for some reason she is considered really dominant.  The werewolves love it. 

Okay let’s say it is a curse.  At twenty something years old she should have some coping mechanisms.  There is no way she can live in one place and hold down a job with this much adoration.  With all the adoration you may think there would be some spice in the story.  There isn’t.  She has a panic attack with a kiss.