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The Pack

By – Kristin Coley

Fiction, romance, literature, fantasy

Series – Pack

Audiobook 8 hours (approx.) Narrator – Beth Roeg/

The female lead takes a ridiculously long time PURPOSELY denying what is going on.  She does this do the detriment of her new friends.  The female lead is a high school student.  The male lead is a gym teacher at her school.  Most of the book is written ignoring the age difference/power dynamics.  Then at the end tries to address it. 

For me it really messed with the happily ever after buzz and brings the book down a notch.  Either, keep purposely ignoring major issues in fantasy land or don’t wait till the end of the book to bring it up and then quickly resolve. 

The relationship between the two leads is just attraction and has no depth. 

The actual pack has non-shifters which is unique and interesting.  Very little of the book was about this though.  While I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this world I don’t want the frustration of the poor relationship and slow moving beginning. I don’t see myself continuing this series.

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