By Ilona Andrews

Fiction, romance, fantasy, thriller

Magic Bites (book 1)

This is a series I have reread many times.  After finishing the newest spinoff book I got excited and reread this series.  I’m just going to throw some notes out there for next time I want to revisit the series.  

Book 1 (Magic Bites) – My first time reading this series I had a hard time getting into book 1.  I started the book, didn’t finish it and by the time I came back to it I had to restart the book.  However, when looking for new urban fantasy series Kate Daniels kept coming up again and again.  So I stuck with it to see what the fuss was about.  I always thought that it was just learning a new world that I had trouble with. 

We are learning a new world but, it is also my least favorite of the series. It’s unnecessarily gruesome.  Kate is bad at investigating.  It’s frustrating. that we are learning a new world and the main character isn’t a competent investigator.  

Another thing not in book one’s favor is the vampires.  You have to readjust your thinking about vampires.  These aren’t your sexy male lead vampires.  They are like nothing I have read before.  They really need a different name than vampire like, navigation puppets.

All that being said it was good enough to check out book 2.  It only gets better from here.  Also we get Kate’s version of a meet cute,

“Diplomacy was never my strong suit and my patience had run dry. I crouched and called out, ‘Here, kitty, kitty, kitty’ (Magic Bites, pg 53).”

Magic Burns (book 2)

Audiobook – Narrator Renee Raudman

Book 2 (Magic Burns) – We get a better understanding of the “vampires.”  We meet Julie and Andrea. They each have their own spin off books.  Kate’s investigation is more linear and coherent.  Tensions between female and male lead (Kate and Curran) increase.  Overall just a better book. 

Magic Strikes (book 3)

Audiobook –

Narrator Renee Raudman

Book 3 (Magic Strikes) – This is probably my favorite book of the series.  They compete in the midnight games.  Romance heats up.  We meet Hugh for the first time.  Cute ending. 

Magic Bleeds (book 4)

Audiobook – Narrator Renee Raudman

Book 4 (Magic Bleeds) – Attack poodle.  Meet Erra.  Bow chicka Wow wow.  Progress in the greater theme of the series. 

Magic Slays (book 5)

Book 5 (Magic Slays) – In this book we really get to see Kate and Curran lead the pack. I enjoy reading about how they make everything work.  Curran pushes Derrick into a new position to further his career.  He uses Kate as part of the team to problem solve.  Kate gets annoyed at being managed.  Kate talking about Curran – “Often wrong but never in doubt – the beast lord way.” 

Magic Rises (book 6)

Audiobook 15 hours (approx.)

Narrator Renee Raudman

Book 6 (Magic Rises) – I’m always tempted to skip this one.  I don’t like the uncertainty in Kate and Curran’s relationship.  A big part of the book is in a new setting. 

Magic Breaks (book 7)

Audiobook 16 hours (approx.)

Book 7 (Magic Breaks) – Kate and Ghastek visit Mishmar. Land claiming. 

Magic Shifts (book 8)

Book 8 (Magic Shifts) – 100 acre woods.  Mercenary Guild reorganized.  Fancy box. 

Magic Binds (book 9)

Book 9 (Magic Binds) – Roman – wedding planner.  Anchors in oracle predictions.  Creative problem solving. Battle.

Magic Triumphs (book 10)

Book 10 (Magic Triumphs) – Final battle, happily ever after.