By – Harper St. George

Fiction, romance, literature, historical fiction

Audiobook 10 hours (approx.)

Narrator Justine Eyre

Series – The Gilded Age Heiresses/

This is my first time reading this author and I enjoyed it.  It’s a slower sweeter story.  The leading male is an impoverished Duke.  What makes him different than other Dukes is his humility.  He is a second son so wasn’t trained all his life to be a Duke.  This makes his humility believable.  He takes the time to get to know his heiress and show her all his responsibilities and why he so greatly needs her. 

The leading female is an American with a high level job in her father’s company.  She enjoys her independence and her position in the company.  Her parents decide to play the marriage game for social status and blindsides her. 

The couple meets in the requisite meet cute.  They have initial attraction.  There isn’t really anything keeping them apart besides the leading characters wanting to fight against a forced marriage. 

The Duke is a little too understanding to the female.  It’s nice but unbelievable.  The story is a little longer than it needs to be.  But the couple does have a more authentic connection.  The ending of the story was abrupt and we could have used some happily ever after follow up. 

The narrator is the same for a different series I follow and at times it throws me off to hear those voices in this new setting.