By – Tate James

Fiction, romance, fantasy

Audiobook 7 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Bridie Lawrence, Jarred Kjack/

Is there such thing as clickbait novels?  If so it would be series like this.  They start off strong and exciting.  Then a lot of inconsequential nothing until a cliff hanger.  Enough to keep you clicking onto the next thing.   

The first book caught my attention and I was hopeful.  The setup of secret identities was obvious but forgivable.  The trial set up is unnecessarily long, brutal and had an excessive amount of girls to kill off.  I didn’t enjoy the setup of 3 leading males and would have been happy with just one. 

Three leading males just slowed down the action because we had to learn about all of them.  I was disappointed the leading female wasn’t better heroine material.  She did a lot of smack talk about helping people but doesn’t actually do any good herself until book 3.  She doesn’t even save the fellow girls in the trials. 

This world is supposed to have magic but in book one we see very little.  The biggest magic we see is the binding oath magic that tends to kill.  Even with all those things I was willing to forgive and curious to see where the story would go.  

Until… the end of book one (and two) ends in a cliff hanger.  This is when I became less forgiving.  By the end of book 3, I was begging to get to the end.     

As for the romance, in book one it seems like the 3 men will be okay with sharing one woman.  Book 2, not so much.  At this point I was half hoping to kill a couple of them off to simplify things and get to the action.  Book 3, they have resigned themselves to all be in her life as consorts. 

If anything this story shows why not to have excessive men around.  3 times the trouble.  3 times the issues.  And (most importantly) they didn’t bring new and exciting skills to the bedroom.   

Even with all those issues, I did see some potential here.  Get rid of the 3 men.  Concentrate more on the leading female kicking butt and growing in strength.  I can’t see myself reading this author again right now but may give her another chance in the future. 

Seeker (book 2)

Audiobook 6 hours (approx.)

Heir (book 3)

Audiobook 7 hours (approx.)