Black Hat White Witch

Fiction, romance, literature, fantasy

Author – Hailey Edwards

Audiobook 7 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Stephanie Richardson/

I’ve read this author before and had mixed feelings.  After listening to the first book, I wasn’t too impressed.  I was just curious enough to continue.  Book 2-3 improve some but book 4-5 are a bit of a mess. 

First off, there is a lot of repeat information.  It’s stated information and not shown.  For example, the female lead likes her shop girls.  She tells us this repeatedly.  However, it’s not truly believable because there are no details to support it.  Also, she goes on and on about how she is a BLACK witch with a nasty history.  Again, nothing to back it up.  

When it comes to the action… it’s disappointing also.  Here we are facing the bad guy, a touch of the wand, poof.  Did we know that she could do this?  Nope, not the first time.  We have no idea how her magic works.  It’s pretty anticlimactic. 

A couple of side characters are hard to connect with.  We have a moth girl that can change sizes.  She likes to play video games… with what hands?  Also moths are quite fragile, how does she not get squished?  The leading female keeps calling moth girl, “fuzzy fuzz butt.”  For some reason this throws me every time.  Are we talking to a 4 year old?  She is supposed to be at least 10, maybe even close to 20 years old. 

The leading male is half fae/half demon and shape shifts between two forms.  As the books progress the demon half gains the personality of a toddler.  It’s funny and cute but not sexy.  This is the other half of her boyfriend.  At times I question if this series was supposed to be an odd ball comedy due to the demon antics.  Overall, the romance is awkward and tame. 

When I read this author’s series before (The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy) I forgave a lot because I enjoyed the setting and the magical house.  It also had a satisfactory conclusion.  This series doesn’t have any of those. 

There is at least one more book in this series but I can’t see a satisfactory ending.  There are too many conflicting factors going on here. 

Black Arts White Craft (book 2)

Audiobook 8 hours (approx.)

Black Truth White Lies (book 3)

Audiobook 8 hours (approx.)

Black Wings Gray Skies (book 4)

Audiobook 8 hours (approx.)

Gray Witch (book 5)

Audiobook 9 hours (approx.)