Ilona Andrews

Fiction, romance, fantasy

Series – Innkeeper Chronicles – book 5/

This is a series I reread often.  I follow the author’s blog and read most of this story in weekly posts the authors release while writing.  If you are a new to this series, start at the beginning. 

The bulk of this book is a side quest.  This side quest is hosting an intergalactic bachelor competition.  Guess how many contestants are there for the “Right Reasons”.  There are 12 contestants all with different looks and backgrounds.  These are aliens so it can be quite a bit to keep up with. 

One contestant is a fish.  Another looks like a version of a snow leopard.  Still another is hosted by angry trees.  Don’t forget the group that is called murder beaks.  Not surprisingly the competition has more to do with politics than romance. 

Did I mention it was a lot to keep track of?  Fortunately these details/intrigue are part of the side quest.  Pay as much or as little attention as you want.  You only need to get the gist of the results to understand the bigger story. 

This was my second time meeting the contestants and experiencing the political intrigue and I was able to enjoy it more.  The weekly instalments are great teasers but it’s not the same as being able to complete the book. 

When we get to the end of the book there are some exciting events!  These events have to do with the bigger plot and I’m excited to find out what it means for the next book. 

The leading couple at this point in the series is established and their relationship is rock steady. I love the way they work together and complement each other.  Here are a couple of quotes from the book.

Sean looked at the world a little differently than I did.  I kept track of various possibilities, but I was decent at predicting what would happen.  Sean concentrated on what could happen, and there was a vast difference between the two.  It made us a good team. 

Dina – Page 131

“No need to wonder. I’m a simple man. I love you and I will protect you. And the inn.  Even if I have to murder Caldenia and everyone else to do it.”

I stood on my toes and kissed him.  “What if we don’t murder anybody?”

The corners of his mouth curved. “No promises.” 

Page 145

Love this!  Both are able to be themselves but work well together.  She softens him.