By Lee Child, Andrew Child

Fiction, thriller, suspense

Audiobook 11 hours (approx.)

Narrator Scott Brick

Series – Jack Reacher/

A friend recommended this series to me over 8 years ago.  I had a slow start getting into the series.  There are a lot of details.  Details about guns, train/bus schedules, military, time tables, etc..  I’m not a big fan of excessive details so if it wasn’t for my friend’s assertion that this was a great series I probably would have quit.  When I got to the exciting conclusion of my first Jack Reacher book those details really came to life.

It’s not important that you remember all the details.  Just that you know that Jack Reacher knows the details.  They make the improbable ending probable.  Typically with a high body count.

Jack Reacher is a bad a$$ with his own code of honor.  He mind as well be a super hero.  While I don’t dislike any Reacher book the real magic is the audiobooks narrated by Dick Hill.  Those books are an art form. 

This more current book is kind of like the Reacher movies with Tom Cruise vs the first season of the Reacher series on Amazon Prime.  Yes, the movies with Tom Cruise are enjoyable.  However, the Reacher series is an experience. 

I found myself missing all of those tedious details in this book.  It’s a big part of Reacher’s personality.  We still had a big body count but nothing really stuck with me in this story.  Overall, it’s a forgettable instalment.