One True Mate

By – Julie Trettel

Fiction, romance, literature, fantasy

Audiobook 9 hours (approx.)/

There is something about these books that keep my interest. Must be the perfect amount of angst.

Book one caught my attention and kept me from sleeping because I wanted to hear more.  I was a little confused/disappointed when I realized this book wasn’t going to be HOT.  Usually when you have a one true mate situation it’s used to set up something steamy.  This relationship was sweet.  I had to adjust expectations. 

The first half of the second book was spent chasing the female.  Her reasons for running away were tiresome by the time they got together.  The second half was more about the greater story. 

Book three’s female has some trauma to work through. The first half of the book is dedicated to the relationship the second half to the greater story.

By this point I realize that instead of the true mate situation being used to add some steamy scenes it’s used to explain why these boys turn into solid relationship forever catches.  Once they find their mate, the boys become – one woman, family focused with a guarantee they won’t stray.  NICE.  I see the appeal. 

Now, that I got these couples figured out, the greater story could use some direction.  First it’s about challenges (dumb custom/culture thing).  Then a war.  Then human’s experimenting.  By book 4, it’s a new pointless war. I listened to these books in order so the events made sense. I’m not sure they will make sense out of order. There is some cross over of plot themes in the books.

In book 4 the true mates meet in college.  The problem is that they are different species.  Yay bigotry!  I didn’t really want to read about bigotry.  But, it was available and the character’s book (book 5) I was interested in reading has a several week wait for availability. 

I’m glad I did listen to the fourth book because it reminded me of my college days.  The lead characters are in a sorority and fraternity.  I met my husband when I was in a sorority in college and ended up wanting to spend all my time with him.  At one point the lead male says they are acting like a couple of horny teenagers.  I couldn’t help but think, well duh, that’s what you are. 

Books 5 and 6 are my favorite of the series.  Book 5 wraps up the series.  Remember that dumb custom thing that I mentioned earlier?  Still a factor in this book but there are plans on changing customs for their children.  Yay! 

But wait there is a book 6!  This book might be the sweetest of them all.  This story is how the former alpha couple, now happy grandparents got together.  Be prepared to shed some tears, not all of them happy by the end of this book. 

Fighting Destiny (book 2)

Audiobook 8 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Gary Furlong, Carly Robins

Forever Mine (book 3)

Audiobook 9 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Joe Hempel, Carly Robins

Confusing Hearts (book 4)

Audiobook 9 hours (approx.)

Can’t be Love (book 5)

9 hours (approx.)

Under a Harvest Moon (book 6)

Audiobook 6 hours (approx.)