By Rhys Bowen

fiction, literature, mystery, historical fiction/

This was an enjoyable book.  They mystery wrapped up nicely.  What was most interesting to me is the time period and the class status of the heroine.  Our heroine is related to the Queen in the 1932.  She is the daughter of a Duke.  However, there isn’t any money to support her.  She has limited options on how to support herself.  It’s interesting exploring the world she finds herself in. 

It’s a little slow and our end goal isn’t really clear most of the book.  The murder/mystery doesn’t even happen till half way through the book.  Most of the events are a little too convenient and its hard to pick out what is thrown in there to keep the story interesting and what is mystery.  She isn’t actually spying like the title leads you to believe. 

I enjoyed the book enough to go ahead and put the second book in the series on my library shelf.  However, seeing as it has been there for over a week and I haven’t started yet…  It’s looking like I probably won’t continue the series.