Viking Warrior Rising

By Asa Maria Bradley

Fiction, romance, fantasy, suspense

Audiobook – 8 hours (approx.)/

The action was good in this story.  What I had trouble with, is the couple.  They are one true mates.  This is used quite a bit in these type of stories and it helps to skip the whole getting to know each other phase.  This story is a little different because the couple is brought together with the blessing of the gods Oden and Freya.  It confuses things.  Is this true mates or an arranged marriage?

What I’m most disappointed in though is that the female lead had to fight her own battles and the couple didn’t work together.  He fought his battle, she fought hers.  Also, they don’t really fit well together as a couple. 

The second book in the series was available in audiobook and the action was good enough to go ahead and check it out. 

In the second book, this couple actually works together so that is an improvement.  The arranged true mates is still confusing.  The ongoing conflict with Loki isn’t really clear.  He hasn’t made an appearance yet.  The first two books we have been fighting creatures and dealing with experimental labs.   

The third book was only available by eBook from my library.  I have it on my shelf but probably won’t read it. 

Viking Warrior Rebel (book 2)

Fiction, romance, suspense, mythology

Audiobook 10 hours (approx.)