By – Louise Bay

Fiction, romance, humor (fiction)

Series – The Royals Series/

It’s clear early on that this is not realistic at all.  It is going to be a total fantasy.  At first I was there for it.  It’s HOT.  I forgave that the couple just went at it like rabbits even though neither was sending clear signals they were into each other.  As a reader we knew they liked each other because of the alternating point of view. 

Up until the couple’s first intimate encounter the female seems like a reasonable relatable girl.  Then, BAM!  She is a sex goddess, total personality change. 

The male lead starts off as a sexy standoffish boss.  Then, we find out he has a daughter and is close to his sisters.  So now he is two pentacles of romance leads, the sexy boss and the family man.  It’s just too much.  I can’t see it, like at all.  We have this impossible dream guy and the female is just a regular girl.  Worse, she has some family baggage that potentially has business conflicts. 

I got 60 percent in before skipping to the end.  The female didn’t bring anything to the relationship.  The male lead was too solid and doesn’t really need the female lead in his life.