By – Rabia Gale

Fiction, fantasy, historical fiction

Series – The Reflected City/

I enjoyed this book and the lead characters.  However, I’m iffy on the magical world. 

The male lead tends to push people away while the female lead is bubbly and excited about life.  Too bad she is probably dead.  Both characters have a history that isn’t fully revealed.  There was some major recent events that happened in this story’s world that wasn’t really explained.  It’s like picking up a book in mid series.

By the end of the book we still don’t know the female leads secrets.  We know a little more about the male lead.   

If my library had the second book in the series, I would continue to see what happens with the main characters.  It doesn’t.  If there was a little more promise of romance and a better understanding of the magical world, I would have gone ahead and bought the next book.