By – Jayne Ann Krentz

Fiction, romance, literature

Audiobook 7 hours (approx.)

Narrator Amy McFadden

This book was originally published in the 1980’s.  I think it’s a mean trick not to mention that right up front.  It’s been reproduced and given a modern cover.  You don’t realize that this isn’t a modern book until you start listening.  This book is a product of its time and really should have stayed there.  I finished the book for curiosities sake.  These are the types of romance stories I began reading as a teen.  It’s hard to see the appeal today. 

Things that stand out.  High pressure from the male lead to be intimate.  Little to no interest from the female lead.  While there is consent, the female was put in a situation that would be hard to refuse.  There was casual talk about beatings.  I can only hope this was in jest. 

Other complaints include, the leading female runs her own business but is able to drop everything and travel.  We never get the males back story or why he can’t fit into civilization. 

Off Topic – Why were these types of romance so popular?  They really gave me a skewed view of romance in my teens.