By Annabel Chase

Fiction, fantasy, mystery

Narrator Elizabeth Saydah

This series started out promising.  I’ve never heard of a Fury before.  We have a leading lady that is coming into her power… reluctantly.  We have a town founded on cheese and an eclectic family. 

However the mystery is disappointing.  Books 2 -3 mystery was a slight variation on book 1.  The investigations into the mysteries are all over the place.  She just bumbles around.  She isn’t even convinced there is a mystery for most of the books.   

The leading lady makes a big deal about not wanting to be evil like her family but after 3 books her family doesn’t really come off as evil.  Just kind of kooky like the Adam’s Family. 

There are many great things going for this series but I’m going to stop for now.  Her powers aren’t progressing.  She is still whining about her family and the mysteries are repetitive.    

Book 1 – Great Balls of Fury

Audiobook 6 hours (approx.)

Book 2 – Fury Godmother

Audiobook 6 hours (approx.)

Book 3 – No Guts, No Fury

Audiobook 6 hours (approx.)