By Jayne Castle

Narrator Tanya Eby

Fiction, romance, fantasy, science fiction

I’m a longtime fan of Jayne Ann Krentz and all of her pseudonyms.  The books under her Amanda Quick name tend to be my favorites.  I recently found this series under the Jayne Castle name.  It launched me into re-listening to many of her other books over the holidays. 

This St. Helens series is easy to understand.  The women are self-sufficient and capable on their own. The men are talented and competent.  In this world humans have talents at different levels.  A dating service is used to match couples for life partners.  The characters all have off the scale talents that are challenging to match.  The characters find each other and seem perfect for each other.  However, the common knowledge of the society says they shouldn’t be matched together. 

Each book in the series is a new couple.  Granted there are a lot of similarities in these matches.  I don’t mind more of a good thing.

What I love about Jayne Ann Krentz novels are her strong female and male leads.  They are smart and competent.  The males are protective and ready to save the girls.  The girls however always save themselves.  Her books all have action and a mystery that keeps you guessing. 

Book 1 – Amaryllis

10 hours (approx.)

Book 2 – Zinnia

Audiobook 9 hours (approx.)

Book 3 – Orchid

Audiobook 9 hours (approx.)