By Deanna Raybourn

Fiction, mystery, historical fiction

Audiobook 11 hours (approx.)

Narrator Angele Masters

Series Veronica Speedwell Mystery

I enjoyed this book.  The leading characters are unique and interesting.  There are some quirks in the story.  For one thing the leading lady repeatedly lets us know she likes to have dalliances while she travels.  However, there are no dalliances in this book.  There is a leading man in the book.  There isn’t a romance at this time. 

At one point the leading couple completely ignores the mystery/challenge/danger/story line and ends up in the circus.  This part was entertaining but I like my books to be working towards a conclusion. 

When we find out the reason the leading lady is in danger, it’s HUGE!  It’s a really big reason.   Apparently it is fixed fairly easily though????? 

I did not go on and finish the series at this time.  I had the second book on my library shelf and never picked it up.