By Naomi Novik

Fiction, literature, fantasy

Narrator – Anisha Dadia

I love everything about this series.  After reading book one (years ago), I immediately read it again.  Then bought a copy for my daughter and anxiously waited for the next book. 

The leading lady is grumpy and sarcastic.  She stays in a mild state of constant annoyance.  This of course makes it hard for her to make friends that she so desperately wants/needs.  Underneath that grumpy exterior there is a powerhouse protector. 

The leading male is a “numpty head” (the leading ladies words).  He comes from a prominent family and has the power and status that comes with that.  He spends his days saving others in need.  His focus is on fighting Mals.  He also has a hard time connecting with people. 

Book one starts off in a magical high school for wizard children.  Our leading characters are Juniors. This school is separated from the rest of the world.  There is no communication with the outside world for the duration of the students stay. 

Inside the school there are creatures (Mals) that try to eat the students and are often times successful.  The alternative of staying in the outside world gives you even worse chances of survival. 

Graduation day historically has a large number of deaths from the students trying to leave the school.  In order to leave the school they have to fight their way through the graduation hall where Mals hang out waiting. 

Book two is all about the leading characters successfully graduating.  The leading lady keeps growing and changing realizing her higher purpose.  The action and magic keep coming.  As well as the dynamics of bringing people together. 

I initially thought book 3 wasn’t going to be as good as book 1-2.  It started slower and the end goal wasn’t immediately apparent.  By the end of the book I was ready to read it again.

The author does a really good job of wrapping everything together.  The balance between good and evil is fascinating.  Book 3 has a satisfying ending.  It leaves the world in a better place but there is still work to do.

Book 1

A Deadly Education

Audiobook 11 hours (approx.)

Book 2

The Last Graduate

Audiobook 13 hours (approx.)

Book 3

The Golden Enclaves

Audiobook 15 hours (approx.)