By – Sangu Mandanna

Fiction, romance, literature, fantasy 

Narrator Samara MacLaren

Audiobook 10 hours (approx.)

I had a hard time finishing this one.  I got 77% through and took a break.  I did end up coming back to finish when I ran out of more captivating books. 

In those last couple hours of the book a new unexpected challenge came up.  Since it doesn’t show up till the end of the book you know it will be quickly resolved.  I was disappointed that the conflict that was promised to us from the beginning was more of a non-issue.    

The underlying story really isn’t bad.  In my opinion, it needs to be rearranged and shortened.  Perhaps a new perspective where we can clearly see the conflict that shows up at the end of the book.  Also, we need a better understanding of Primrose (the leading lady’s guardian and lead witch).