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Telepathic Space Pirates, Series – books 1-3

Carysa Locke

Fiction, romance, literature, science fiction

Narrator – Carly Robins

I’m pleasantly surprised with this series. There is a good balance of action, science fiction and romance. While there are modified humans and some politics they are easy to understand.

The leading lady is expected to have multiple consorts. So far it is well done. At the end of book 3 she only has 2. Their stories are well paced/balanced. 

Book 3 has brought more clarity to the overarching theme and the setup of the world while keeping the action moving.  I’m disappointed that my library doesn’t have the rest of the series available.    

Book 1

Pirate Nemesis

Audiobook 11 hours (approx.)

Book 2

Pirate Consort

Audiobook 11 hours (approx.)

Book 3

Pirate Throne

Audiobook 10 hours (approx.)

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