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Series – Rosie O’ Grady’s Paranormal Bar and Grill Books 1, 3 -5

BR Kingsolver

Fiction, fantasy

Narrator Madeleine Dauer

This is a fun and entertaining series but not one that I will reread.  The series starts off with an assassin on the run getting a job at a bar for the magical.  The events start more centered on the leading lady.  As the series goes on there are important events globally that the leading lady isn’t involved in. 

Getting the leading lady involved in the greater events in book 5 is a little clunky.  It is necessary to use her assassin/bedroom skills which she was originally running away from.  In my opinion, it’s kinda cringy how she goes about it.  Although, it is unique and makes the story come full circle. 

The series isn’t a romance and any hint of romance is gone after the events of book 5.  Book 2 is still on my holds list from the library.  I doubt I will go back and listen when it becomes available.  Without that romance element my heart isn’t connected to the characters.   

Book 1 – Shadow Hunter

Audiobook 7 hours (approx.)

Book 3

Dark Dancer

Audiobook 7 (hours approx.)

Book 4

Well of Magic

7 hours (approx.)


Book 5

Knights Magica

Audiobook 8 hours (approx.)

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