By – Kelly Armstrong

Audiobook – 12 hours (approx.)

Read by – Carly Robins

Fiction, fantasy

The book starts out promising.  There is a magical element.  The leading lady’s family is in danger.  There is some friction between the leading male and female.  The leading lady at this point is overly confrontational in my opinion.

Pretty quickly the danger to the leading lady’s family turns out to be…. not that dangerous… for now anyways??  Things slow down.  The leading lady’s personality softens dramatically and quickly.  I have a hard time getting a handle on her personality.

Next, there is a major new fantasy element introduced that changes the structure of the story as we knew it.  It’s jarring and I didn’t appreciate having to learn a new set up to the world half way through the book. 

I could probably forgive all that if there was a strong romance.  There wasn’t.  Overall this book is a bit of a disappointed and I probably won’t continue with the rest of the series.