By – Sarah Painter

This is an enjoyable series.  The leading lady is trying to find her place in the family while learning her magic.   The leading lady was raised apart from the criminal side of her family.  This makes it really interesting to see how she navigates the family. The series isn’t categorized as a romance but she does have a main squeeze. 

I liked listening to book one enough to put book 2 on hold.  I didn’t have a pressing need to continue the series but after book 2, I wanted more.  Books 3-6 go quickly.  Book 6 finished in a good place.  There are at least two more books in the series that I look forward to but don’t have a pressing need to read right now.

Book 1

The Night Raven

Fiction, fantasy

Audiobook 7 hours

Book 2

The Silver Mark

Fiction, mystery, fantasy

Book 3

The Fox’s Curse

Fiction, mystery, fantasy

Book 4

The Pearl King

Fiction, fantasy, mystery

Book 5

The Copper Heart

Fiction, fantasy, mystery

Book 6

The Shadow Wing

Fiction, fantasy

Audiobook 8 hours (approx.)