I show up at a restoration project of some old historic barn structures.  A tour guide shows me through the site.  She is telling me that this is one of two sites.  The other site is in Turkey.  I think, but don’t tell her, ‘I know, I was just there last summer.’  She leads me to a school group and all of a sudden I’m in charge of 3 children.  They are around 10 years old. 

It seems to be the end of the tour.  I thought there would be more.  The tour lady tells me that she isn’t an official tour guide.  I see a hut to buy official tour tickets but I’m in charge of these children now.  Two children want to go back into the site and find their friends.  I tell them it’s okay without thinking it though. 

The 3rd child has a disability and can’t walk well.  I want to wait where we are for the first couple of children to come back but she is getting upset.  I ask if she wants to wait in the gift shop.  She does.  So I pick her up.   We go to find the first two children to let them know where we will be.

While I’m walking through the site to find the kids.  I run into another group of kids that includes my daughter.  They are surrounded by cups of purple slushies in plastic cups.  Most of them are more than half empty.  One is mostly full.  I stop to say hi to my daughter and drink some of her purple slushy.