Had a couple of elaborate dreams last weekend that I’m just now writing down.  Two dreams I still remember clearly.  However I have one dream that I wrote a note for that I have already forgotten.  My note reads – Ritual boyfriend, friends, slim shady.  I wonder what that one was about.

Nursing home

We lost electricity in the house so my husband, two kids, I and my in-laws move into the nursing home.  We share one good size room with two beds.  The carpet is a textured moss green.  My husband, kids and I share one big bed.  My in-laws the other.  Even though it should be uncomfortable and have a nursing home smell, it does not.

We are actually quite content.  We go to eat in the facility often.  The staff brings us fancy candles, soaps and cake.  I get the feeling that we have been there around 3 days when I think… I should call my parents and update them.  Maybe my dad can help get the electricity back on.

Then I remember that we have dogs.  No one has fed them or let them out.  My husband and I get into a baby blue pick-up truck to check on the house.  While he is driving I’m trying to MacGyver a phone with an empty clear shampoo bottle and a wire.  I get the phone functional but I’m having a hard time remembering my parents’ number.  They cancelled their land line and now only have their cell phone numbers. 

In real life the dogs wake me up to let them outside.

I promptly fall back asleep and dream that my mother in law is telling me she had a dream last night where we were all eating green cake.  I tell her that is weird because I had a dream we were eating blue cake.

In real life the dogs wake me up to let them back inside. 

Water Park

The dream starts and I’m sliding down an enclosed body slide at a water park.  It’s mostly dark until I hit the pool.  I swim and go see my husband waiting in a sun lounger.  My husband and I watch the wave pool from the deep end of the pool.  The waves are gigantic and people are surfing. 

We see the kids in the distance and they wave us to come with them.  We all get into line for the water ride.  The line isn’t moving fast and for some reason my husband and kids step out of the line.  A large group of young adults walk past us in burgundy and mustard sweaters with matching scarfs.  They sit on some bleachers parallel to the line queue. 

The line starts moving and for some reason the line is now in 3 foot of water.  I walk a little but then pause to make sure my husband and kids are paying attention.  The kids get in line with me but not my husband.  I ask the kids about their dad. They say that he went to find the pillow he borrow from the hospital.  I have the thought that we were taking a break from visiting someone in the hospital and went to the water park. 

I ask my oldest if she is tall enough to go on the ride herself.  She says she is not.  I’m trying to figure out how we can do some sort of trade off so both kids can ride.  We get to the beginning of the line and it’s our turn to go when one of our dogs runs up the ladder and plops himself down on the landing.  I’m franticly trying to think of a way the kids can still ride the ride now that the dog has shown up.

Trouble Maker