By Lauren Layne

Fiction, romance, literature

Audiobook 8 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Eric Michael Summerer, Loretta Rawlins

The leading lady is country singer needing a break from the paparazzi.  She is sweet and talented.  The leading male is the caretaker of the property the leading lady is staying at.  The leading male (caretaker of the property) is really a rich guy hiding from his ex-fiancé. 

The set up was great.  The story was interesting and kept moving.  The leading lady is likeable and talented. 

Unfortunately, the leading male is an asshole.  The leading lady forgives too easily.  She keeps putting herself out there and he keeps taking digs at her.  At first his digs are from false information and assumptions but later on he goes for her weaknesses. 

The leading lady forgives him and I like the rest of the story so I’m prepared to also forgive him. I have my misgivings but hope the leading lady knows what she is doing. She deserves better.

Offtopic – I start another book from this author, Hot Asset.  The leading male also verbally attacks the leading female.  This one finding her weakness in an overture of friendship and then using that information later on to bring her down emotionally.  I stopped listening at 40%. 

After listening to Good Girl I was hoping I found a new author to explore.  However, trusting someone with your inner self and then having them use that against you… that is not someone you want in a partner.  These are people you need to stay away from. It’s not a good sign that the two books I picked up from this author have this quality in the leading male.