I’m back from a trip and I’m walking into my parent’s house (It’s similar to their house in real life but not exact).  I notice that my flowers are growing in two different flower gardens.  These gardens are two rectangle plots around 12 feet by 6 feet in length (there are no flower gardens in real life).  The flowers are not organized just a variety of growing things.  The prominent colors are purple and white.  I walk around to check them out before going inside. 

I notice some long flower stalks (around 5 feet tall) neatly cut and wrapped in green tissue paper laying on the ground near one of the gardens in a shady spot.  I go to check it out.  On a green receipt there is a date (10/20/2022) in the dream I know that the date of the receipt is several days before the current day.  It say’s “Congratulations Queen Charissa,” then the flower shops name “Nancy’s” and its address (the address is my work address).   

I pick up the bundle of flowers and carry them around to the back door of the house.  I can see my mom in the kitchen and hope to ask her about them. 

Then my husband wakes me up in real life.  Before fully waking up I wonder if maybe I should have left the flowers on the ground cause… poison. 

The flowers in the tissue paper look kind of like this.  The stalks were thicker and a deeper green.  The purple flower was also a deeper color and the little buds rounder in shape. 

Picture from – https://thegreenthumbler.com/purple-flowers/