By – Alaina Urquhart

Fiction, thriller, suspense, horror

Audiobook – 6 hours (approx.)

I don’t read a lot of horror but this one caught my notice.  The action keeps moving.  It is definite horror but didn’t get deep into the psyche of the victims or killer.  I personally appreciate that because, ewww to nightmares.   

There are two perspectives in the book. It isn’t clear on the time line of events when reading.  This adds to the mystery/suspense.  When the time lines are reveled it leaves more questions than answers.  I forgive, because the action keeps going and I want a nice conclusion. 

I’m disappointed in the ending.  It’s just okay.  It sets things up for a sequel.  I was hoping for a nice wrapped up conclusion where we can move on.

However, the book was entertaining in a horror type of way and I would read this author again.