For the last couple of weeks I haven’t been remembering my dreams.  I fell asleep before finishing a horror novel and I remember thinking, I hope I don’t have any nightmares.  I did dream that night and it wasn’t nightmares but that’s all I remember. 

So this weekend when I woke up between dreams I jotted down a key word to remember.  Normal dream quality.


We are in a conference area, like a large hotel or casino.  I’m finishing a large tattoo on my client.  She has long blond hair, tall, pale skin, middle aged and pretty.  The tattoo is long flowing lines of blue from her left shoulder down her back.  I like the design and feel like I did a good job.  It’s time to give her instructions on post care and what to expect next.  I realize that I have never had a tattoo and don’t know what to tell her about post care.

Side Swipe

I’m driving my husband’s new car.  The kids are in the car with me and there is a feeling like we are wasting time and don’t have a clear goal.  I’m merging on the highway (it’s the highway closest to us in real life, which I merge onto often).  A couple of cars pull to the side and stop but I keep going around them.  I’m speeding up to merge when a clown car with an exposed engine is heading straight towards the driver side door.  I speed up and swerve to avoid the car.  I end up scraping the passenger side door on a concrete barrier.  Later in the dream I do see the damage and it’s not as bad as I feared but plenty to have an angry husband. 

People Ferry

In this dream I’m a young girl.  I ask the ferry attendant if I can just walk on and see the ferry and get back off before it takes off.  When I get on I’m sandwiched into a whole crowd and I’m unable to get back off.  We are in an enclosed area with windows all around.  Before the Ferry even leaves there are large waves.  We are thrown around the boat.  The water is coming over the windows.  At one point I thought the boat turned onto its side and was capsizing.  I opened a window not under water and prepare to get out.  Then the boat straightens up and its smooth sailing.  The weather is now beautiful the water calm.  I’m now outside on the deck enjoying the trip.  However there is a niggle of worry since I don’t know where we are going or how I’m going to pay for anything. 

Abandoned Goats

My husband and I exploring a property that has suddenly become ours.  We finished looking though the cabin structure and are looking in the yard.  My husband picks up a metal plate/grate type thing that he tells me is in good shape for the latrine.  I tell him to wash his hands when he is done.

At this moment we both look down in the valley of the property and notice there are animals.  We go to check it out.  At first we see 5 large roosters in a pin. They are evenly spread out in a circular pen.  I’m wondering what to do with them.  Then I notice a smaller pen that is stuffed full of goats.   

When I get closer I notice there are children in the pen.  I’m trying to get their attention to ask some questions.  I start talking to a boy around 5 years old, blond hair in a red flannel.  I ask him if he has anyone in there with him.  He says his guinea pig.  I look down and there is a guinea pig in a little raised trough.  I tell him to be careful he doesn’t get stepped on.  I’m about to ask him about the care of the goats when my husband in real life wakes me up.  I really want to know who is taking care of these goats!  But I can’t get back to sleep and figure it out.