By – Christina Lauren

Fiction, romance, literature, humor (fiction)

Audiobook 9 hours (approx.)

Narrated by – Patti Murin, Jon Root

The book blurb makes it sound like this is going to be an adventure and a romance.  I’m excited to start listening.  Before the story starts the authors warn us this isn’t a true treasure hunt, it is fiction. 

I think that maybe it will be written in a way that the warning was necessary.  It isn’t.  NO ONE would actually try to use this to find a treasure.   This book is actually…. quite bad. 


It starts out on a happy scene where the leading lady is in charge of the ranch and the leading male is there to support her.  They are happy and in love. 

It’s more like the ending of a book than a beginning.  The problem is… the 5 months before this scene is where they fell in love.  It’s all off camera and never revisited.  I’m not invested in this couple at this point.  I don’t understand why this 19 year old is in charge of a ranch and how this 21 year old city boy came to be at her side.  Was this always going to be a temporary arrangement? 

Ten years later the couple is no longer together.  The leading lady takes tourists on horseback on a made up treasure hunt.  The leading male is part of a group of single thirty somethings that take LAVISH vacations every year together.  Only the one planning the vacation that year knows where they are going. The leading male wasn’t the one to plan the vacation.

They sound like a bunch of douche canoes.  I can’t relate to this group.   

For the first half of the book we are on vacation… then… someone falls.  They probably died.  Now we are on a treasure hunt?!?!?  This is where I’m like OKAY do I really want to finish this? 

Yeah, maybe the guy that fell was shady but he was someone you knew for over a decade and you brought him on vacation with you.  Now he is just a punch line. 

So anyways, treasure hunt time.  They leading male and female have a talk and now he is ready to leave his city life behind and resume where they left off 10 years ago.  The leading female however isn’t willing to change one darn thing.  I still don’t understand why either one of them like each other. 

On this treasure hunt there is danger… well mostly just people falling.  There is a group of men that show up with guns later on. 

The treasure hunt is a disappointment.  The group seems to think that only the daughter (the leading lady) of the one that set up the hunt can find this treasure.  In reality you only needed to know he had a daughter.

The relationship between daughter and father doesn’t make since either.  She acts like they were estranged and had a horrible relationship.  However, she is the one that took care of him before he passed.

This isn’t a good romance or adventure.  After the authors note at the end I’m more involved in their story then these characters.