By Tanya Huff

I found the first book in the series in a list called – Paranormal Romance for Patricia Briggs Fans. I was pleasantly surprised by the uniqueness of the first book and found it fascinating. The second and third book were just okay. This is my first time reading this author.

The Enchantment Emporium

By- Tanya Huff

Fiction, romance, fantasy

It was worth getting through all the family confusing stuff at the beginning of the book.  It was also worth most of my Saturday to read the book. 

This book has a strong family theme and coming into the next stage of life.  The family/magic setup is unique and interesting.  The bad guy/good guy line is blurry and keeps you guessing.  New characters and elements of the world keep getting added/expanded and draws you in. 

There isn’t a lot of bedroom details, it’s just a comment here or there.  However, its clear that the culture of this family is not monogamy. It is surprising and quite fascinating. 

Off topic – The main character keeps drawing “charms” on her people claiming them.  I love this idea.  I want my own charm to draw on all my people.  I will need a charm I can draw on fur to claim the dogs too.

The Wild Ways

By – Tanya Huff

Fiction, fantasy, mythology

In this book we know who is making events happen behind the scenes.  In the first book it was still a mystery. This information takes some of the motivation for finishing the book away.  It’s still a good book, it’s just easy to put it down and forget about it. 

There isn’t a romance theme for the main character like there was in the first book.  There is a music theme that I usually love.  I still like it but its fiddlers. Nothing wrong with fiddlers, I just don’t know the songs and can’t get the references.  

This book is like stepping into a greater saga.

The Future Falls

By – Tanya Huff

Audiobook 14 hours (approx.)

Read by Erin Moon

Fiction, fantasy

Fortunately this book was in audiobook format at the library.  I’m not sure I would have continued to read this series if it wasn’t.  My biggest problem with this romance is that there is NO romance.  There is just an understanding that the leading female and male want to be together and can’t.  To make matters worse there is a bunch of whining about it.  

The leading female is a musician and this time (unlike book 2) there are references to songs I actually know and can understand better than the fiddler songs. 

This book is heavy on time travel.  I find it confusing.  I could forgive the complicated plot and time travel threads if the romance was stronger.