These dreams are from more than a week ago but didn’t have a chance to write it down. 

Cold Water

I’m swimming off the shore in a foreign country.  Most of the shore line is mud and trees but ahead of me I see a sandy area.  The sandy area has bright blue water around the area.  I know that water is dangerously cold. 

I take a moment to decide whether I should risk swimming over there and explore or just turn back around to where I swam from.   

I know that the water is dangerously cold but I don’t feel the cold where I’m at so I decide to swim that way until it does get cold.

I make it all the way to the sandy beach and out of the water without feeling the cold.  When I try to get back into the water I feel the freezing water.  I realize I won’t be able to get back by swimming.  I will have to travel over the land.  

While walking I find my mom on a gurney in an open air building.  She just had a successful procedure.  However, there are scrapes/scabs on her face and stomach.  I have the thought that they dropped her off the procedure table. 

I feel helpless to do anything about it because we are in a different country.  I have to remind myself that she is okay, had a successful procedure and will have to let the scrapes go. 


This was standard dream quality.  It just stuck with me because of the subject material

I’m in a hospital room.  The nurse comes to explain that two of my babies have been delivered. However, the third baby will have to wait another day to be delivered.  I’m worried that the kids will be disappointed that they don’t have the same birthday. 

I keep feeling my stomach hoping that the third baby is okay in there.  I pace the room and notice how nasty the curtains are.  I can see the pattern of the curtains, dust and hair covering them.  Then I see that a tray of food from a previous occupant hasn’t been cleaned.  There are scrambled eggs all across the table and in the bed. 

I know I should be upset.  I know I should probably do something about the room. I pass out in exhaustion holding my belly.