This is a reread and favorite of mine.  A new addition to the series was just released so it’s a great excuse to read these books again.  These books are better in order and build upon each other. 

This is an alternate reality with families marrying for their magic.  The series has lots of action and in the first three books a strong romance.

The leading female is strong and independent but knows when to seek help.  She has life experience but still naïve to all the power dynamics and intricacies to a world that she is getting more and more involved in.  Her abilities are strong and she builds on them in the series. 

After the first three books there is a nice little happily ever after. We then move on to a story line where the leading lady’s sister takes the lead. 

This second story line is not as strong as the first.  These characters are more complex.  The first couple sees things in black and white and are easy to figure out.  Also the male lead in the first couple is already established and completely on board with helping the female lead.  With the second couple the male leads motivations are not always clear.  The family dynamics and history make things messy and takes away from the romance.  

Notes on individual books

Burn for Me

By – Ilona Andrews

Fiction, romance, fantasy

Audiobook 13 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Renee Raudman 

Sets up the world while keeping the action going.  Grandma Frida brings humor and is a memorable character.  Love the first meeting of the lead characters.  It’s at 2 hours 50 mins.

White Hot

The leading male is powerful, rich and knows how to move within the powerful families.  He gives the leading female room to grow and respects her choices.  He is protecting her before she even knows she needs the protection.

This of course, rubs the independent female the wrong way.  However when these two fight they are both reasonable.  They are both right in their own way.  It’s refreshing to see. 

Even though the leading couple was at odds at the time the leading female admits to liking his house when seeing it the first time.  This is refreshing to see.  Since I’m not sure I could be that mature when I’m mad. 

Notes for me – Spoils of war, Leon power, contracts, ferret heist


One thing that amazes me is that the lead male is always willing to let people join in the fight with his crew.  This strikes me as a mess in planning and working together.  However it keeps the books interesting and really lets everyone’s talents show.  So for entertainment purposes it’s awesome.

Nice stopping point.  Happily Ever After.  Teaser into Caesar. 

Notes for me – Chocolate mousse, diamond, Leon learns magic, magic trials. 

Sapphire Flames

New leading lady and male.  Only flirting in this book, no relationship yet.  The leading lady makes a deal at the end of the book that was unnecessary and has long lasting consequences.  It was a nice hook to make you want to read the next book.  However after finishing Ruby Fever (book 6) this is where I feel the series greater theme gets wonky. 

Notes for me – Poor security, keystone mall with fright fest, deputy warden.

Emerald Blaze

We learn more about the leading male.

Notes for me – Pit reclamation, obscure movie star

Ruby Fever

I found myself losing interest in this one.  There are new characters introduced that didn’t hold my attention.  I listened to it out of order because that’s when it became available.  I was thinking of listening a second time in order but haven’t made the effort.  There are answers for the greater theme of the series.  However, I don’t love the answers.