I found this to be true with two of the books I read recently. You could also add the Zoe Chant books I recently reviewed. However, I forgave hers for the same reasons for watching Sharknado.

Bewitched in Blood

By Jen Katemi

Fiction, romance, fantasy

Audiobook 6 hours (approx.)

Narrator Catherine Bilson

Series – Hellhound Protectors


Neither of the leads have any personalities.  This makes the book forgettable and disappointing.  No actual information or plot happens for the first 4 hours.  It’s all danger and running.

The book goes something like this,

Male lead shows up half dead.

Danger, male lead half dead.

Kiss kiss kiss, irrational break up.

Danger, male lead half dead… again.

Kiss, kiss


There is actually a story/plot in the last 2 hours.  Since I’m not interested in the bland leads, I have more time to question all the reasons the world/plot does not work well. 

Don’t plan on continuing this series. 


Protecting the Wolf’s Mate

By Sasha Summers

fiction, romance, fantasy

Series – Blood Moon Brotherhood

Audiobook 10 hours (approx.)

Narrator Connor Brown

Expectations – I was already on the fence with this series. The second book’s romance mostly outshone the problems with the world.

This book’s romance did not overshadow the problems with the world and in fact made them worse since this book addressed major themes in the series.

I couldn’t connect wit the leading female or male. The leading male has spent the last 10 years trying to fix being a werewolf. The whole time knowing that his pack talks to their wolves and are fairly happy with the arrangement.

Unless you want to essentially kill half of yourself how are you going to fix being a shifter?

Then after 10 years of not being able to shift suddenly…

The leading female has had so much trauma in her past there is no way she is still sane. It’s too much for me to process. Some of the trauma is recent history and she hasn’t had a recovery period or closure.