These are all dreams from this week.


I’m in a retreat setting.  A male and I are a host in a retreat setting.  The retreat has gone well.  There is a group of around 15 young adults that have all bonded, chatting and laughing.  I see myself in a mirror.  I’m also a young adult with long wavy blond hair wearing a light weight white cotton dress (I have never had long blonde hair).  I walk past the group of retreat attendees and feel left out.  I’m disappointed that I couldn’t have bonded with them. 

The guy I’m running the retreat with is pale, thin and tall.  As I walk closer to him, a white figurine falls off the top of a head height pine tree.  He puts the figurine back.  He holds up his hands, his face looks stricken.  We realize that the figurine was poison. 

I say, “If I leave, you will be okay, right?” (Thought process is that I make him mortal and he will gain his immortality with distance).  I run through rooms until I sit down at a table, put my head in my arms and cry myself to sleep. 

When I lift my head, there is a white smooth disk about the size of a large coin under my arms.  There is a note written in blue in cursive.  The writing was distinct and readable.  I woke myself up trying to remember the exact writing.  It went something like this,

I hope you enjoyed the bread, milk and honey. Its 2088 now.  I’m glad we got to play in the snow.

I know for sure the note was written to Paige (that’s not my name) and the year was 2088. 


I’m rounding up the kids and dogs to leave.  We are in the country, visiting family.  The ground is shinny from a recent rain but the sky is clear.  When I look out the back window I see a large tornado racing towards us.  It’s tearing up a barn and I see a horse get sucked in.  I yell for the kids to get to the basement.  The dogs follow.  When we get to the basement I realize that it’s only partially underground.  There are windows everywhere.  I find the safest non-window room and start to barricade everyone in. 

Electric Shock

A family was praying over their family member before a procedure.  The only face I clearly see is that of the patient.  It’s an older lady probably close to 80 with white hair and a soft body.  They signaled for me to join.  I don’t know these people and feel awkward but don’t see any harm in it.  All of the family is on one side of the bed holding hands.  I only see their hands clearly.  I take a hand of the family member by the feet but can’t reach the family member by the head.  Instead I lay the other hand on the patient.  As we are praying I feel electricity running through me and into the patient.  I don’t understand what is happening.  I just hope that this sensation is a good thing and the family doesn’t notice me trying not to convulse. 

Work Dreams

This week has been heavy with work dreams.  They started before my work week.  Including worries that I left a job undone and not being able to leave work until I knew it was done.  I continued dreaming work dreams through the week and into the weekend.

In real life at work we were drowning… again. 

I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep after the last shift of the week because of exhaustion. I did have trouble staying asleep.  In able to get out of a work dream theme I kept falling into, I forced myself awake. I then got up for a little bit before falling back asleep on the couch.  Before waking up for the day, I dreamt I was at a house party talking to new bosses at a new job. 

One dream that stands out as being different than a normal work dream/I have to pee dream is as follows. 

I’m in the corner in a bathroom stall. Its in the corner of a conference room. An important meeting with a couple of coworkers is in the same room.  The stall door is extremely high and I’m visible to the room.  The toilet overflows and I pee all over the black and white checkered tile floor. It covers a large area of the floor and keeps going.  I don’t even try to stop mid-stream I just let the urine flow. 

My coworkers are not upset but we don’t have time to properly clean the area.  We throw some towels down soak up the mess but leave towels there.  I walk by the room later in the shift and the soaked towels are still there. 

When I have a dream about having to pee it’s usually because I need to pee in real life.  This dream is unique because I didn’t have to pee in real life.