The Master Shark’s Mate

By Zoe Chant

Fiction, romance, fantasy

Audiobook 4 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Lucy Rivers

Series – Fire & Rescue Shifters

Expectations – A shark mate????????? Got to check this one out.  First time reading this author. 

It’s a shark shifter…. With a coyote mate!  But where will they live?  SERIOUSLY, where will they live? 

How do you make a shark sexy?  Well you send him for a pedicure and give him champagne that he hates.  I’m not convinced a shark can love a coyote but the little details keep it fun.  The outrageousness of it also holds my interest.  It was a short fun novel and I can see myself checking out the rest of the series.

Wildfire Sea Dragon

Fiction, romance, literature, fantasy

Audiobook 9 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Lucy Rivers

Series – Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew

Wanted to see what a longer book from this author was like. 

I’m still not sure what a sea dragon is even after reading the book.  I don’t normally like extensive description details but in this instance I could use a little more.   

The beginning starts out in a strip club which was interesting and had some humor.  The leading couple are shifters, a sea dragon and a shark.  They end up on a firefighting crew far away from the ocean.  The shark needs an ocean to shift. The leading male isn’t a good catch and has questionable behavior. 

I took a break listening to the book about 40% in. 

Of all the absurdity of the book it was the shark on a firefighting crew with no sharky details that threw me the most. 

I did end up picking it back up.  We did get to know more about the shark and her background. 

The resolution to the ending battle scene is what saves this book.  It is so unique and out there I can’t help laughing thinking about it.  The leading male does step up in the end. 

I can see myself looking at this author again but haven’t picked up another book quite yet.  They are so different and off the wall I don’t know what to expect.