By – Lisa Manifold

Fiction, romance, fantasy

Audiobook 6 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Eva Wilhelm Series – Oracle of Wynter

Expectations – No expectations, first time reading this author. 

The leading character is whinny.  Not about the other wife and being widowed.  That would be more understandable.  She is handed a purpose, a challenge, a direction, a mystery and all she does is squawk.  Oh, what’s going on?  Poor me?  I can’t possibly do that. 

What is the reason she is worthy for this purpose?  She has no immediate responsibilities.  Her children are grown and she is widowed.  Soo if the reason she is worthy is because she is single… I can’t expect there to be any great romances in the series. 

The story does pick up for a time and things start to get interesting but then the main character ruins it with her whining.  She does finally fix her problem….


She fixes her problem – with a dream.  The dream just flat out tells her the answer. 

Off Topic – The next book I started to listen to had the same narrator.  The narrator really does a good whinny adult.  So good I almost stopped listening because I could not take anymore.  Luckily this new book’s leading lady is not whinny and I was able to continue.