By Ashlyn Chase

Fiction, romance, literature, fantasy

Audiobook 9 hours (approx.)

Series Phoenix Brothers

Narrator – Justine O. Keef

Expectations – Found this in a team shifter list from the library.  Haven’t read this author before

The beginning of the story has basically no supernatural elements.  After a couple of hours of listening to the story I had to double check this was a supernatural world.  The romance was average and since that’s the biggest part of the book it’s a disappointment. 

This is supposed to be the first book in the series.  However, there are already established couples in the book.  Making me believe this is a spin off from a different series. 

In the last half of the book we do finally get some supernatural happenings.  Mother Nature is the best part of the book. 

There didn’t seem to be a larger challenge or danger that would span through the series. 

I’m not sure if this is just a weak addition to the series or if this series is weak. 

Overall it’s pretty tame.  Also too long.