By – Kelly St. Clare

Fantasy, fiction, romance

Audiobook 9 hours (approx.)

Narrator Marnye Young

Book 1 – Love & Curse Making

The book was entertaining enough to go ahead and put the second book on hold but not enough for me to write any notes.  So ultimately forgettable.  The second book only took a couple of weeks to hit my library shelf and I didn’t recall the story line until starting the book.

Book 2 – Love & Magic Shaking

7 hours (approx.)

Oh yeah, this series is about a dating agency set up in a magical world.  I was disappointed that we didn’t get to know more about the different species in the magical world and ultimately not much happened in the first book. 

This second book was better.  Things were happening.  Problems seemed to be getting solved… Until the last 20 mins.  We are basically back to square one. 

I did go ahead and put the third book on hold. The hold time says it will be about 10 weeks wait.  So I better start some notes now. 

It’s a dating agency, and the leading female is cursed with bad dates.  That is a great set up and has great potential. 

The romance was starting to progress SLOWLY but is now on hold.  LAME.

Book 3 – Love & Heart Braking

12 hours (approx.)

The only thing that was accomplished in the first book was retrieving a feather.  Now in book 3 the feathers aren’t even a consideration any more. 

Seven hours into this book we get a happily ever after moment. 

Problem is, there is still 5 hours left in the story.  By hour 9 I’m bored wondering if I want to finish this. 

After essentially nothing really happening in the first two books, this book jams in a bunch of plot. 

It doesn’t help that the bad guys are 12 families. TWELVE!   That is an excessive amount of bad guys to learn. 

All that plot shoved into the third book wasn’t horrible. 

The romance is also not horrible.  I like the leading female and male. They work well together. There is a good chance I will remember them in the future. At least longer than a couple weeks.