Seriously how do you mess up a romance with rich alpha shifters as the lead? Well by not having any other redeemable characteristics. This week I have read three books with these lackluster leads. I’ll share them now.

The Werewolf Wears Prada

By – Kristin Miller

Fiction, romance, fantasy

Audiobook 8 hours (approx.)

Narrator Samantha Cook

Series – San Francisco Wolf Pack

The female leads forgives WAY too easy.  I don’t encourage holding on to a grudge but also, let’s not be door mats.  The leading males internal dialogue and actions make him bad relationship material. 

The leading female discovers that he has gotten bad press and he gives generously to charities.  This alone doesn’t make him good boyfriend material.  There needs to be more.

First of all, the bad press was all coming from one source.  He is a billionaire and next alpha of the pack.  He should have seen that public relationship trap a mile away.  If not him, then his people should have been watching out for him. 

WHAT PEOPLE? He really only had one person that seemed to be his friend/ally. How are you going to lead a pack of hundreds with only one other person on your side? 

He chooses the pack over his one and only life mate.  A pack that doesn’t seem to like him.  He then assumes the worst of the leading lady.  This is after pushing her away repeatedly. 

His apology is an ultimatum.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  That’s it!  That is his grand gesture.  Oh well, forgive me now or never find love again.  That’s my interpretation anyways. 

Billionaire Alpha FAIL   


Falling for the Billionaire Wolf and His Baby

By Sasha Summers

Fiction, romance, fantasy

Series – Blood Moon Brotherhood

Audiobook 7 hours (approx.)

Narrator Connor Brown

It is easy to see why someone would fall in love with the female lead.  She is caring and warm.  There isn’t any reason to love the lead male in the story.  Sure he is rich, but he is also cold and doesn’t show any affection or interest to the leading lady.  There is some internal dialog about liking her scent.  But… who cares.  That is not enough. 

All of the sudden the leading female is professing LOVE…. WHY?  There is no reason.  One of the benefits of being in a magical world is using it to explain sudden feelings of chemistry or bonding the couple together.  The author totally skips this.  Just insta love.  The insta love is even before having shared experiences.  It was a turn off for me in an otherwise promising story.   

There does seem like there are chunks of story missing.  I will forgive that because it kept the action going.  The ending did not seem complete for this couple. I didn’t want to read more about them but am open to a new couple.

Note – The second book in the series was much better

A Most Unusual Duke

By Susanna Allen

Fiction, romance, fantasy, historical fiction

Series – Shapeshifters of the Beau Monde

The beginning starts off promising with a forced marriage.  However the leading lady is cold.  The leading male lazy and disinterested. He has no motivation to thaw her or take any responsibility for anything. 

The overemphasis on her being cold is frustrating.  It’s like the author is romanticizing this type of behavior.  The beauty in a romantic lead like this, is watching the softening and relaxation between the characters.  This does not happen.

The leading male is lazy and whinny.  He finally takes his position as alpha after she does all the work.  This isn’t a relationship that I envy.  Quite frankly it sounds like hell. 

Note – The male lead in the first book in this series was a little better but dull.