By- Annette Marie

Fiction, fantasy, humor (fiction)

Audiobook 8 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Cris Dukehart

Expectations – At the end of The Guild Codex: Warped I was digging the Crystal Druid character.  So I couldn’t help picking this up even knowing that I will probably be a disappointed.

Book 1 – The One and Only Crystal Druid

The female lead is way too stabby and has no self-control.  However, at the end of this book there are some questions I wanted answered.  These books move quickly and have plenty of action so I keep picking up more.  Even though they don’t really satisfy.

Book 2 – The Long-Forgotten Winter King

8 hours later and the question I wanted answered is still not answered and drawn out into a third book.  So Frustrating!  Am I mad enough not to listen to the third book… Maybe?  I put it on hold so we will see in 21 weeks.

Book 3 – The Twice – Scorned Lady of Shadow

Narrator – Chris Dukehart, Tim Campbell

If I’m reading this trying to decide whether or not to give Annette Marie another chance this message is for me.  DON’T DO IT! 

This book did finally give me answers that I was looking for.  They were disappointing.  More of a technicality. A technicality that no one could have predicted. Except for the person making up the rules of the magic. 

This story was moving along, making progress and could have had a decent ending.  UNTIL the last 15 minutes… REALLY? So no happy ending here.  Hasn’t this character been through enough? 

The romance didn’t even make it to a reasonable friend status.  Just shared trauma and loneliness.  The female lead is no longer stabby.  In fact she could be anyone.  There are no personality traits that set her apart from other characters.  She is forgettable.