This was a long dream with different parts and settings.  The theme of the dream was getting ready for a rehearsal dinner later that night and a wedding the next day.   The wedding party is in their older 20’s and single, including myself.  All through the preparations I am keeping an eye on a particular boy.  I’m hoping to get to know him better. 

At one point a group of us are sitting around several tables.  I know that the boy I have been keeping my eye on is somewhere behind me.  Someone leans over and puts his hand on the table. I take the hand and put in on the side of my face.  My hand is cradling his on my face.

The hand was warm, large and I could feel some roughness on his finger tips and palms.  I couldn’t help from leaning into the palm and closing my eyes.  The hand fills me with comfort and peace.  I realize that at least one person has seen us. 

The guy that I have been keeping my eye on is now in view.  That means that the hand I have against my face is not his. 

I eventually let the heavenly feeling hand go.  I do not know whose hand it belongs to.  I do not look around to find out.  I’m a mix of feelings.  The warmth and comfort of the hand lingers but there is a niggling of embarrassment and disappointment that it wasn’t the guy I had been eyeing. 

I know that when I’m ready, I can ask the person that had been watching us who the mystery hand belongs to.