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Academy of Assassins, Books 1-4

By Stacey Brutger

Fiction, romance, fantasy

Audiobooks – 10 hours (approx.)

Narrator – Traci Odom

No expectations for this one.  Just found it available on the library app and thought I would check it out.

Book 1 – Academy of Assassins

The first half of the book had me really excited that I found something good.  There was lots of action.  The fantasy aspect was interesting and initially there seemed like there would be a romance with the lead team member of the assassins. 

After the first half of the book the lead female starts collecting ALL the men on the assassin team.  Nothing really steamy, she just appreciates the look of the men’s bodies.  When I realize this is happening my expectations plummet for the rest of the series.  However, the action is good so I continue. 

By the end of the book she has collected several men but has only shared one kiss.  These relationships she has with the men have all the depth of a toddler pool.  There are just too many of them to get to know and their personalities are not different enough to tell the difference between them.

Book 2 – Heart of the Assassins

The lead female continues to pick up more men and she is now collecting pets.  Action still good.  Romance is on a grade school level.  It’s like a little girl running around kissing all the boys on the playground.

Book 3 – Claimed by the Assassins

First hint of anything more than kisses but still only kisses.  Action still good.

Book 4 – Queen of the Assassins

A lot of “I Love You” in this book.  Like I said in the first book, the emotional depth of these relationships is low.  It’s hard to listen to, “I Love You,” over and over with every guy.  They do finally all have their bedroom scenes with the leading lady.  One right after the other.  Soooo, check that off the list, the deed is finally done.

The ending of the book seems like it might be a version of a happily ever after.  The action has been good through the books but at this point there are several threads that are left hanging or don’t fit the narrative. 

Books like these are catchy and when I start them I tend to finish the available books quickly.  However, after I finish them, I don’t usually go back.  Once you step back from a series like this, the plot holes get bigger.  There wasn’t good character development so I’m not really invested in what happens to them next.  It won’t take long before I forget the whole cast.  It was a fun read, while it lasted. 

Rating 3.5 Stars

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