Most of this dream is normal dream quality.  The only thing vivid was the blue fish. 

I open the back door to let the dogs out and the Ocean starts to come in.  It’s just a few inches of water at first but it’s deep enough for a beautiful blue fish to kind of flop around.  There is one blue fish in the house and one on the deck.  The blue fish is about the size of my hand. At first I try to avoid getting my feet and pants wet but that doesn’t last long.  I think the water should be cold but I don’t feel the cold.

I’m surprised the dogs aren’t trying to eat the pretty fish.  At first both dogs back away from the incoming water but then they walk out onto the porch.  On the porch there is a large decaying fish that has clearly been munched on by something large.  This fish is at least 3 feet long and over 50 pounds.  I think that it should smell but I don’t smell anything in the dream.  Somehow the tide pushes the decaying mess into the kitchen and behind the door. 

Luckily at about this time the tide starts to go out.  My son comes out to see what is going on.  He helps me get the live fish and the decaying fish out of the house and off the deck.  The dream neighbors have a large deck that is close enough to ours to talk to.  They are also out and cleaning up their deck. 

Things start to calm down but I’m concerned about the size of the bite on the decaying fish that came into the kitchen. It has to be from a large shark.  I’m watching the water in the yard and can tell there are large things swimming around.

The dogs haven’t gone out into the water and the ocean is now out of the house and off the deck. I’m starting to relax thinking everything is okay when my son comes out in his bathing suit and cannonballs into the water.