Isadora Brown

Fiction, fantasy

Series – Godslayer Academy Saga

Expectations – I wasn’t sure about this one.  It isn’t categorized as a young adult book but the blurb says readers of Sarah J. Maas will enjoy, so I’m suspicious. 

I’m able to finish 20% of the book during lunch and things are moving along quite nicely, so I’m excited.  Well, I finish the rest of the book after work and realize it isn’t even close to a complete story.  I feel tricked.  I look to see what the rest of the series looks like. I skip to book 4 thinking that maybe there is an ending there.  The first 30% of book 4 is all things from the first book.  There apparently hasn’t been much happening.  Anything that has happened you can pick up in the short blurbs on the series.  I skip to the end and guess what?  Still not an ending and quite frankly very little has happened that I can tell. 

I’ve had this happen before but usually with mature audience romance type books.  They are high angst very little logic and disappointing.  A lot of nothing happens.  They start off exciting, highly unlikely and never go anywhere.